Work Experience

On Wednesday I finished my last day of work experience. I spent the last eight Wednesdays in Music Minds, a music shop in Liffey Street. It's owned by Paddy O'Reilly (who actually got through to the next round on The Voice, keep an eye out for him!) and my supervisors were called Chris and John. There was another girl doing work experience there too, called Patricia. Paddy doesn't work on Wednesdays, so for the most part it was just us four. Over the weeks I worked pretty closely with all of them, and got to know them pretty well.

I loved working in a music shop, but I'm not sure how good I was at it. It involved a lot of heavy lifting which, if you've read my post about Carlingford, you'll know isn't my strong point. However, I provided them with laughs, such as the time I tried to kick in a box and fell over. Or the time that I freaked out because there was a spider in the store room. This amused Chris because he's from South Africa, where the spiders are bigger than your face. He then decided that it would be a good idea to show me some of the creepy animals they have over in South Africa, and I couldn't stop scratching for the rest of the day because I was convinced there was something on me. I won't show you any of the pictures he showed me because I don't think anyone deserves to be subject to them (and I'm also way too scared to look at any close-up pictures of spiders).

Most of the time I chose to work through my break, I was enjoying it so much. That, and it was helpful to whoever was not on lunch as it meant he could talk to a certain customer and not be distracted by trying to make sure no one steals anything. Playing the guitar was also part of my role, as apparently customers are more likely to come in if they see someone playing one of the instruments. Which was absolutely fine with me!

Over the weeks I have played many guitars, served many customers, embarrassed myself multiple times and stacked a lot of shelves. I even met a couple of famous people! For example, Gavin James. I saw him concert once and was very excited but unfortunately couldn't muster up the courage to ask for an autograph (I told my friend Sophie this story and she said instead of asking for an autograph I should ask for words of wisdom, which I will definitely do next time!).

On the last day I brought in mugs for my co-workers. I have to say, the mugs clashed with their personalities. Yep, I gave mugs with birds and flowers on them to grown men with tattoos. But they appreciated them and I was thanked with hugs, so I think the mugs were a good choice. I really enjoyed working there, and thanks to Chris, John and Paddy for allowing me to work with them and for not kicking me out when I did something wrong. I had a wonderful time!

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