Friday, 20 September 2013

So Wednesday was interesting. Every Wednesday we have workshops, and this particular day we had three: Positive Party, a confidence workshop, and another where we learned how to give a massage.

The massage one was very useful. I really enjoyed getting a massage, but the person I gave one to looked in pain. That's not really how you want a massage to go! This one was the last one we did, so it was great to go home feeling relaxed.

The confidence building workshop was great. The guy who ran it, Austin Dunne, was really friendly and charismatic which is the type of person you want to run a workshop like that! We all had to tell each other our most embarrassing moment as part of it so we all got a good laugh with one another. I think I'll remember what I learned in this workshop the most as it really gave some good life tips, and encouraged everyone to be themselves and care less about what people think.

The other one we had, which was actually our first one of the day, was Positive Parties. I left this one till last to tell you about because it was probably my favourite. If you want to check it out the website is As you could probably tell, it was basically about staying happy and not letting anyone ruin your good mood. The woman, Denise, also told us of good ways to manage stress. One of these ways was to listen to positive music! Unfortunately I don't know many positive songs, but here's one that is great to dance to!

I hope you enjoy the song. Bye for now!

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