Friday, 15 November 2013

School on a Saturday, I may be crazy

Last Saturday was our school's open day for the incoming first years. I think it's safe to say all who were involved sold the school pretty well.
I was part of the music department, along with a load of other people. Ms. G. talked to all the students about what the music department offers and all the extra curricular activities (such as choir, orchestra, etc.) while people played background music. It was all really well organised. I think what really sold the music department, though, was the cup song. We handed out cups to all the incoming students and the people who were helping out led the song. Here's the original if you want to hear it!

The open day ended early, so we all got out some sweets as a reward for all our (kind of) hard work. Afterwards, I went with a friend to the UCD open day, and I gotta say I found it very impressive. I wanted to skip fifth and sixth year and go straight to college, but unfortunately I believe that is, well, impossible.

I really hope you enjoy being updated on my rather mundane life. More news (if you can call it that) next time!

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